Click the blue nodes on the left to change the paths that signals will travel through.  Where they land at the bottom determines what your player will do: move to the left, right, or stand still.  Work will pile up at different stations, so make sure you get to them fast enough!

  • When you clear through work, your productivity will give you some momentum, and new signals will pour in to help you get to the next station!
  • As work piles up, it will create negative signals, which change the pathways, messing up your plans
  • If a node is switched too much it will overheat, and eventually burn out, sending out a fire signal that will disable whichever node it reaches.

Press R to reset the game at any time.  There is no game over state; just try to get as much work done before you're overwhelmed!

Made in 48 hours for Global Game Jam 2020.

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I can’t click the blue buttons! using Firefox 78.10.0esr