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Why Am I Dead: Rebirth is an adventure game where you are trying to solve your own murder. As a ghost, you have the ability to control other people and use them to investigate your untimely demise.

Controls: WASD and J/K/Space for lefties, arrow keys and Z/X/Space for righties. Keys are remappable in the options menu.

This is a remake of a Flash game from 2012, with completely redone visuals and added story.

If you like this game, consider buying its sequel!  Why Am I Dead at Sea is a longer game using the same mechanics, but with more intricate story and characters.

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Interactive Fiction
TagsCrime, Dark Humor, Noir


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*sobbing* this looks like such a cool game, but I can't download on my chromebook....


Hello! Is there a way to play this game now that Flash is not supported? It was so long ago that I played this, and I wanted some nostalgia. :) 




Hi!  I could turn it into a downloadable exe, the same way its sequel is built.  It's been a hot second since I worked with Flash/Adobe AIR so I'm pretty rusty, but it hopefully shouldn't be too difficult.  Would be nice to keep it more accessible for old times' sake.


That would be awesome. :)


Please do :)

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I just remembered this game. I loved playing it when I was a lot younger (too young to know what the more raunchy content in the game even was). I'd adore it if you made it into a .exe!

Edit: If you still have the .swf file, you could also put that up for download, for people who have the desktop version of Flash.

i'm late to say this, but is there any news on this? I got Why am I Dead at Sea a few weeks ago and I absolutely loved it, but I have no way to play this game



Is there only one ending? I see the previous comment asked about a third, but I don't see anyway for there to be a second? I got the ending where Lucille arrested Cricket. 


Spoilers ---

There are four endings (three real ones, one is more of a "game over" kind of thing).  Two were in the original game - you got one of those, the sort of "good" ending for that version.  Then two others were added for this remake, another "bad" and "good" ending.  The steps to get the last one are admittedly kind of convoluted.

I think the endings and the steps to reach them are laid out in this video: https://youtu.be/mvwznC04LRk

Oooooohhhh snap. That was amazing to play. Quick question, is there a third ending or is it only the "good" ending and the "bad" ending? 

Spoiler ahead:

Can I open the secret door?

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Glad you liked it!


Yep, there are additional endings, and you can indeed open that door!  There are a total of four endings, two from the original game and two added in this remake.  It can get pretty convoluted, so here's a video that gives a pretty good walkthrough I think: https://youtu.be/mvwznC04LRk